Empathetic and client-oriented professionals make all the difference in the success of a healthcare organization. We as the best healthcare training company in Chennai bring in that difference for you. Starting from your top executives to the frontline staff directly involved in day-to-day operations, we have designed extensive training programs.  The Healthcare Industry is highly in need of professionals trained adequately, to address the ever-evolving demands of the end consumers.

The demands of the consumers are different in this domain compared to that from other industries, in the way that customized care is required to effectively address the concerns of the consumers. Healthcare being a service industry requires different approaches to customers and consumers. Healthcare professionals need to empathetic and provide personalized care to be successful.

Radical Healthcare, the best healthcare training company in Chennai is committed to providing this requisite high standard of education and training to individuals and organizations through its team of qualified experienced tutors and outstanding healthcare training programs.

We as the one of the best healthcare training consultant offer several healthcare operational, leadership and clinical training programs on par with current international healthcare standards.  We focus on knowledge and skill and insist on practical training in addition to the classroom training. We provide training across the spectrum of healthcare providers from small to large hospitals, long-term care facilities among others. Continuing medical education and training is an essential action to keep oneself updated.

The mode of imparting healthcare education plays an important role in internalizing the concepts the right way. The practical and classroom training methods are designed to provoke students’ thought processes and channelize them to come up with innovative solutions to everyday healthcare situations. We are one of a kind among the healthcare training companies in Chennai, that offers training for a wide range of healthcare professionals.

Courses offered:

  • HEMS – Our Healthcare Management Program in Chennai, the HEMS program has been designed in a way to give the student induction into the healthcare environment, the necessary quality regulations, practices, protocols and guidelines in various disciplines. This will give the candidate sound knowledge on international best practices in the field of healthcare environment management.
  • GEMS – The Geriatric Management Program has been designed to upgrade competency in geriatric knowledge and skills and to develop the desired attitude while providing comprehensive care for elderly, based on the problem-solving approach while working in hospitals and the community.

Training Workshop Offered:

  • Vehicle Maintanance, Clinical Protocol and safety in ambulance services.
  • Screening, process control in blood bank.
  • function ,process and distribution system in CSSD.
  • Triage,Infection control, Transportation and transfer in Emergency.
  • Quality, process assuarnce ,documentation and audits for hospital accreditattion.
  • Proocol management at OP and IP departments.
  • Clinical Protocol and technical protocol at laboratory department.
  • Clinical Protocol and technical protocol at Biomedical department.
  • Documentation control and quality Dashboard at hospitals.
  • Ethical practices at hospitals.
  • Pharmacy supply chain management.
  • Clinicl and non clinical operations management.
  • Patient assisting service training.
  • OT process management.
  • Hospital personnel management.
  • Biomedical waste management in hospital.

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